About Me

Hello, my name is Anna and I live in Felixstowe, as near to the beach as you can get without actually being on it!

I am a busy single mother of 3 children, who you will see a lot of in my photos, the proud owner of a Border Terrier called Fergus, my baby substitute. My husband passed away in 2011 and so I'm still adjusting to life as a single parent and I try to fit in photography at least once a day as it keeps me sane!

I have been into photography for as long as I can remember, I lived nextdoor to a church when I was a child and whenever they had a jumble sale my mother would give me 10p and I would rush off in the hope I'd find an old camera (and maybe a pair of high heeled shoes for dressing up in).

Of course when I was growing up it was film photography and I remember only too well the agonising week long wait for the photos to arrive back at the chemist, now it's magically instant with digital cameras, which panders to my impatient personality and need for instant gratification!

I only got into 'serious' photography when I bought my first digital camera (2.3mp and £800!!!!!!) about 6 years ago, since then I have researched everything I can find on the internet to improve my skills and now, here I am, with people paying me to take their photos, I would never have believed it if you'd told me that 6 years ago!

I had an artistic upbringing, my father is an artist and I studied art at school and art has been a passion of mine since I could hold a pencil, so my personal photos tend to have a rather art like feel to them, I enjoy experimenting with layers and textures and photographing still lifes.

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